Cigavette PREMIERE Series Starter Pack Review With Special Bonus

Cigavette PREMIERE Series E-Cigs Review

You might hear people describe Cigavette rechargeable e-cigarettes as the closest you can get to the experience of using a real tobacco cigarette in the vaping world. The Cigavette PREMIERE Series Starter Pack is a great product if you’d like to dive right in and experience what this brand has to offer in a rechargeable option. The distinctive look, feel and performance of Cigavette e-cigs make the brand hard to ignore if you’re shopping around for a go-to smokeless option that seems so natural in your hand. Does this brand deliver a level of performance that matches its cool, sleek design? Take a look at what you can expect when you open up a Cigavette PREMIERE Series Starter Pack and get down to business.


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A list of the products that come with the Cigavette Premiere Starter Pack:

Cigavette Premiere Starter Pack Contents
Batteries 1 Premiere Premium 3.1 inch / 280mah / 4.2v Battery
1 Premiere Premium 2.4 inch / 180mAh / 4.2v Battery
Charger 1 USB Battery Charger
1 USB Wall Power Adapter
Cartridges 5 (Five) Premiere Cartridges (Pre-filled and Heat Sealed)
Case 1 Classic Carry Case
Flavors Signature Premium Blend Tobacco or Cool Mint Menthol
Nicotine Strengths 0mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg, 24mg
Colors White Batteries / Traditional Cartridges
Black Batteries / Black Cartridges


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Getting Started with the CIGAVETTE PREMIERE Starter Pack

The Cigavette Experience

What should you expect once you open your Cigavette PREMIERE Series Starter Pack? People don’t usually think of the process of opening the box of an electronic product as being a feast for the senses. However, this is exactly what the process of opening up your Cigavette pack will feel like. The first thing that you’ll notice when you get the pack in your hands is that it strongly resembles a traditional pack of paper cigarettes. This can create a feeling of nostalgia if you were once a user of tobacco products. Even the subtle scent wafting from the pack will seem like the familiar odor of a freshly purchased pack of paper cigarettes. The tobacco flavor that you’ll experience once you get one of these e-cigs going is probably the closest that you’ll get to the real flavor of tobacco from an electronic product. The signature hint of slight sweetness that Cigavette is noted for is also present in every flavor variety. Cigavette rechargeable e-cigs feature glowing LED tips that truly resemble the burning ends of tobacco cigarettes. Here’s a look at what you can expect to find in your starter pack once you open it:

  • One battery
  • One USB battery charger
  • Two pre-filled cartridges
  • One classic carrying case
Cigavette Premiere Series Starter Pack

The real beauty of the Cigavette rechargeable e-cigarette is its simplicity. The design is essentially a two-piece system that delivers a solid vaping experience using a battery and a cartridge. The one area for improvement that you might observe is that a single battery isn’t really enough for a very frequent user. However, the charge should last for as long as a few days with mild to regular usage.

A Look Inside the Cigavette PREMIERE Series Starter Pack

You can choose white or black cartridges when purchasing your starter pack. One really big benefit of going with a reusable e-cigarette like the ones offered in Cigavette packs is that you can control the level of nicotine you consume. The tobacco and menthol flavors available in these packs come in a variety of strengths. Here are the six options you can choose from when purchasing your Cigavette pack:

  • PREMIERE – SUPER (24mg) – Starter Pack
  • PREMIERE – FULL (18mg) – Starter Pack
  • PREMIERE – LIGHT (12mg) – Starter Pack
  • PREMIERE – ULTRA LIGHT (6mg) – Starter Pack
  • PREMIERE – ZERO (0mg) – No Nicotine – Starter Pack
  • PREMIERE – MENTHOL (0-24mg) – Starter Pack

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Cigavette’s ability to offer the same product with such a wide variety of strength options really sets the brand apart in the world of e-cigs. Every pack fits in your palm or pocket just like a regular pack of tobacco cigarettes would. This level of portability will be really attractive to you if you’re used to dealing with larger vaping mechanisms that can only be enjoyed at home. Cigavette e-cigs are small and understated enough to be enjoyed practically anywhere without drawing attention.

Introducing the complete CIGAVETTE Starter Pack Series

The High-Tech Side of Cigavette E-Cigs

The sleek, compact design of the Cigavette rechargeable e-cigarette conceals a very sophisticated system that goes beyond what any other brand in the vaping world has achieved. Cigavette has done something remarkable by designing each rechargeable e-cig with a smart chip that is capable of regulating the temperature of the heating element. This really impacts user experience because it allows the flavor to remain consistent and smooth. The smart chip makes this product stand out from disposable options that may look similar. You’ll probably notice that your e-cig requires a little bit of suction to get started when you pull your first one from the pack. You can chalk that up to the smart chip needing a tiny amount of air to ensure that your vapor is blended perfectly.

Rechargeable electronic cigarette definition


Is the Price Right?

A Cigavette PREMIERE Series Starter Pack is priced at just under $30. Your money really goes far when you go with this option instead of trying to piece your own pack together. Investing in this option really starts to look like a good idea when you do the math regarding the cost of Cigavette disposable e-cigs versus the cost of the rechargeable e-cigs that come with this kit. People who are coming to the world of e-cigarettes straight from a lifestyle that involved purchasing several packs of tobacco cigarettes a week are really going to feel like they’re getting a bargain. The Cigavette PREMIERE Series Starter Pack offers everything you need to dive right in and enjoy the world of e-cigarettes without the need to make a deep investment or learn how to deal with any complicated contraptions before enjoying smooth, satisfying vapors.

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