A Review of the CUVANA Electronic Cigar

Cuvana electronic cigar review

Cigars have been a part of society and popular culture for as long as anyone can remember. It’s only natural that the electronic cigarette craze would eventually extend to include cigars. Many people are discovering how enjoyable an electronic cigar can be while relaxing in a favorite chair after a long day or during a fun night out at the bars. The CUVANA e-cigar just may be the closest thing to an authentic Cuban cigar you’re ever going to find in your journeys through the world of electronic options. There are some pros and cons to keep in mind when you consider this electronic cigar’s appearance, taste and overall feel.

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It would take a trained eye to be able to distinguish a CUVANA electronic cigar from the real thing with just a quick glance. This e-cigar’s size is about the same as a standard cigar. It is wrapped in brown paper that very closely resembles tobacco leaves. The design features an LED light on one end that actually emits a realistic orange glow with every puff. It would be difficult to differentiate this light from a true ember from even just a small distance.

CUVANA E-cigar Review

The Feel

Anyone who has ever smoked cigars knows that the feel of a cigar between your fingers is one of the most enjoyable aspects of the smoking experience. The CUVANA e-cigar does its best to replicate that experience. However, the CUVANA’s design is subject to some limitations in that department. The components of the e-cigar are stored inside the plastic tube that essentially makes up its body. This tube is hard to the touch. You will notice that you’re unable to squeeze this e-cigar the same way you would be able to when gripping a real cigar between your lips or fingers. While this is a small detail, it may still detract from your overall satisfaction if you were once an avid cigar smoker.

The Experience

Cuvana electronic cigar is our top rated
It’s hard to ignore that the CUVANA e-cigar delivers a satisfying experience when you factor in flavor, ease of use and puff quality. The other factor that contributes to a positive overall experience in this e-cigar’s pleasant smell. This can be a big deal if one of the reasons you’re swapping your favorite cigars for an e-cigar is to avoid the unpleasant odor that comes with traditional cigars. Many cigar fans are used to being asked to smoke outside because their friends or family members simply don’t want to deal with cigar odors lingering inside the house or clinging to furniture. The only downside in terms of experience is that the CUVANA e-cigar doesn’t come with any flavor varieties. What you will experience is a pretty solid attempt at recreating the flavor of an authentic Cuban cigar.


The really impressive thing about the CUVANA e-cigar is its long shelf life. This cigar can hang around for a full two years. Each cigar will deliver between 1,700 and 1,900 puffs. This equates to the combined lives of about 10 to 12 traditional cigars. You will find that this e-cigar is a pretty cost-effective choice when you consider that you’d have to purchase close to a dozen true cigars just to get the same amount of puff time. The CUVANA e-cigar is something that even e-cigarette lovers may want to try for the simple reason that its battery life is extremely impressive. This mostly comes down to aesthetic reasons. The larger body of a cigar simply allows for the manufacturer to place a larger battery inside of it. In fact, an e-cigar is roughly four times larger than an e-cigarette. The design also features a spacious atomizer with a high-capacity cartridge filled with a very generous amount of e-liquid.

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You would have a hard time finding an easier electronic experience than the one offered by the CUVANA e-cigar. This electronic cigar is ready to be used the moment you take it out of the box. There is truly no preparation or assembly necessary. You simply need to pull away the rubbery tape from the inhaler tip and take your first puff. The great thing about this e-cigar is that it is disposable just like a true cigar. This means you’ll never have to deal with the hassle and mess of refilling cartridges or ordering replacement parts. You also don’t have to worry about remembering to recharge your electronic cigar before taking a puff. The long battery life of this design means that it will be ready and waiting for you for close to 1,900 puffs. You get to recreate the feeling of unwrapping a precious cigar every time you remove a new CUVANA from its box.


Where should you keep your CUVANA when you’re not using it? The cigar actually comes with an attractive box that is meant to provide storage when you’re not using it. The box helps to retain freshness and protect the body of the cigar from damage. Of course, the cigar has a stable feel that allows you to keep it in your pocket when you’re out and about.


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What exactly are you getting when you puff on a CUVANA electronic cigar?

The cigar’s active ingredient is nicotine. There are three levels of nicotine strength:

  • Zero (0mg)
  • Medium (12mg)
  • Full (18mg)

The list of additional ingredients includes the following:

  • Water
  • Vegetable glycerin
  • Propylene glycol
  • Flavors

Pricing and Quality

The CUVANA e-cigar isn’t the cheapest option available on the market. However, it very likely offers the best quality for your money. This particular model has been in production for about eight years. This means that the manufacturer has been able to update and optimize every feature as the electronic market has exploded in popularity. You’ll pay roughly $30 for each CUVANA. This amount becomes more attractive as you break down the cost of each puff and consider that you’re getting what equates to about a dozen real cigars. The other great thing about the CUVANA is that the company promises to issue a full refund if your e-cigar should stop working for any reason. This really shows you the level of confidence the company has in the quality of this product.

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Is the CUVANA the Best E-Cigar Available?


The Final Word on the CUVANA Electronic Cigar

Where does the CUVANA e-cigar fit in when it comes to enjoying a smokeless experience? This e-cigar ranks pretty high on the list of electronic offerings available today because it satisfies the need for both style and substance. It can be a lot of fun to whip this cigar out at parties because of its smooth and realistic appearance. You may even forget that you’re not actually puffing on an authentic cigar once you get this design between your fingers. The fact that this electronic cigar is disposable adds to its enjoyment because you can truly put it through some wear and tear without worrying about protecting your investment. Of course, the fact that one e-cigar can provide 1,900 puffs means that you won’t feel like you’re tossing money away every time you open a new box. It’s hard to deny that the price is right on the CUVANA electronic cigar when you factor in all that it offers. It will be tempting to compare this e-cigar to a real cigar if you’re a big fan of tobacco products. It’s important to judge this product based on its own merits if you’re looking for a satisfying electronic alternative that can be enjoyed without offending the people around you with strong odors or thick plumes.

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