Reviews of the DABADO Bolt Pro Kit and the DABADO Bolt Orbit Glass

A Review of the DABADO Carbon Fiber Bolt Pro Kit

The DABADO Carbon Fiber Bolt Pro Kit has people talking because it offers so much in such a portable package. It is being labeled by users as a fast, durable device that delivers some serious oomph. Does this product live up to the hype? The DABADO Bolt Pro Kit is definitely something that experienced extract users will want to take a serious look at. Let’s take a look inside and find out what users can expect when they take this kit home and try it out.

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Opening the box that the DABADO Carbon Fiber Bolt Pro Kit comes in can make things feel a bit like Christmas morning. You just know you aren’t dealing with something that’s meant for amateurs or novices when you feast your eyes on the case and run your hands over its hard, dark exterior. This durable square box starts to resemble a magician’s toolkit as you crack open its hinges and unveil an interior with separate compartments for each of the Bolt Pro’s components. Everything is carefully and safely arranged inside the box in a way that makes it easy to take stock of what you’re working with. Of course, there is so much more than meets the eye when it comes to why people are so enthusiastic about this product. The first major perk of this product is that it produces thicker vapors than what people are used to experiencing with vape pens. While these bountiful clouds can almost seem overwhelming or aggressive at first, it will only take a few minutes to fall in love. The second big perk of this device is that it has a long battery life. This means you can look forward to enjoying big vapors instead of constantly worrying about how much juice is left in the device or thinking about how to get it fully charged again. The Bolt Pro also gets points for not wasting any of your extracts or waxes.

A Closer Look at the Bolt Pro Kit

What about the physical look and feel of the Bolt Pro and the accompanying components of this kit? The Bolt Pro gets some serious points straight out of the gate because of how attractive and aesthetically smooth it is. This design is smoother and sleeker than anything that’s come before it. It is also designed to be extremely portable. However, that hasn’t stopped DABADO from adding some big elements when working out the design of this model. The quartz, ceramic and titanium nails that are featured with this product are actually double the size of the brand’s normal nail dishes. The heating rod in this model is also significantly larger than other options. Users will likely enjoy the fact that this heating rod is replaceable. The device reaches an impressive 980 degrees Fahrenheit when it’s at work producing thick, tasty vapor plumes in high-temp mode. You can also cool things down a bit by using this dabber in its low-temp mode.

Here’s What’s Included in This Kit

Going with the kit option instead of trying to piece together your own must-have essentials to create a perfect dabbing experience is a smart idea when you consider how comprehensive the DABADO Carbon Fiber Bolt Pro Kit is. In fact, this kit offers everything you need to get started and keep going when it comes to preparing and using a dabbing device as part of your daily life. Here’s a look at what you can expect when you open up this kit and get started:A detailed list of Bolt PRO components

  • The Bolt Pro
  • Bolt Pro case
  • Battery
  • Magnetic stand
  • Silicon protector
  • Silicon container
  • Glass attachment
  • Pro XL ceramic nail
  • Pro XL quartz nail
  • Pro XL titanium nail
  • USB charger

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Items like the case, stand, container and charger are things that you may not realize you need until you get started with using your Bolt Pro. These little details simply add to the ease of safely using, storing and transporting your device. While the glass side-arm attachment that’s included should be more than enough to keep you satisfied, this particular vaporizer can also be used with a variety of glass attachments.

What to Expect When Using the Bolt Pro

While the accessories in the kit are great, the performance of the Bolt Pro featured within the kit is obviously the most important factor behind whether or not this product is worth purchasing. The nice thing about the Bolt Pro is that it has been designed to offer some digital features without becoming a high-tech nightmare for users. The LED lights on the device’s power button tell you what’s happening based on color. Here’s what the different colors mean:

  • A red light means that your device is charging
  • A green light means that your device is completely charged
  • A white light indicates that your device is heating up and getting ready for use
  • A green light indicates that your device is ready to be used


The colored LED lights actually turn out to be really useful as you become more familiar with how the Bolt Pro performs. You can fall into an intuitive dance of operating the device based on what the lights are telling you pretty quickly. One nice quality of the Bolt Pro is that it doesn’t come with a ton of controls that can complicate things or leave you feeling overwhelmed by features that you likely won’t ever use. However, you do have a little bit of control when it comes to temperature settings on this device. The Bolt Pro comes with two temperature options. Low-temp mode can be achieved simply by pressing the device’s control button a total of three times in a row. You will see the LED power light go from white to green over a span of about 18 seconds. Getting out of low-temp mode and shutting down the device will require you to hit the button three more times consecutively. High-temp mode can be achieved by pressing the control button a total of five times consecutively. The LED power light will go from white to green over the span of about 30 seconds. Hitting the power button five times in a row will enable you to get out of high-temp mode and shut down the device. It’s really that simple to use. The battery can typically go for between five and seven cycles before you’ll need to plug it back into the charger.

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Is the DABADO Carbon Fiber Bolt Pro Kit a Good Choice?

The DABADO Bolt Pro Kit is a great option for anyone who is ready to get serious about dabbing with a high-quality, no-nonsense product that doesn’t mess around when it comes to producing strong plumes. This kit is definitely worth the investment if your main goal is to chase large, rich clouds that offer a flavorful experience for the record books.Dabado Bolt Pro with Orbit Glass attachment It could be an overwhelming first option for someone who is new to the dabbing experience because of just how strong the vapors it produces can get. However, that doesn’t mean that beginners shouldn’t at least explore the option of starting with this kit. The fact that it offers all of the features and accessories a person needs to get stared instantly could make it a good choice for a beginner looking for a hassle-free, satisfying experience. It’s definitely a solid option if you’re ready to trade up from using a collection of inexpensive, casual vape pens and simply commit to one product. The huge, robust clouds created by this device are definitely worth mentioning more than once. The compact, sleek design of this product makes it a good option for anyone looking for a device that they can easily pack away and take on the road when traveling. Of course, you will be sacrificing just a little bit of portability to enjoy superior clouds if you’re comparing this option to small or disposable vape pens. The DABADO Carbon Fiber Bolt Pro Kit is backed by the standard DABADO one-year warranty. One extra perk of going with a DABADO is that you’ll get the benefits of the company’s reputation for creating quality products and its track record for providing great customer service.

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A Review of the DABADO Bolt Orbit Glass

The DABADO Bolt Orbit Glass is something that should be on your radar if you’re looking for a piece that’s compatible with Bolt dabbers. The first thing that should be stated about this product is that it hits the mark when it comes to offering an aesthetically pleasing piece to use with your favorite device. This is a piece that you’ll definitely be proud to share and show off when you’re using your DABADO device in a group setting or introducing dabbing to someone new for the first time. It’s worth upgrading to this glass piece if creating smooth, rich percolation is important to you. It creates top-of-the-line bubbles that can dramatically improve the dabbing experience. It also features a distinctive honeycomb design that creates a noticeably smooth sensation. You’ll probably notice that you don’t need a huge amount of lung power to get the amount of performance that you want out of this glass piece. This product has been carefully weighted to offer stability and hold a good amount of water.

Orbit glass attachmentThe obvious downside of adding this attachment to your Bolt device is that it’s going to add some bulk. Bolt units are famed for making it easy to do some e-dabbing on the go when bringing your favorite device with you. The DABADO Bolt Orbit Glass attachment definitely makes it more difficult to maintain a breezy, low-key look. You’re going to be sacrificing some portability and adding a little bulk when you use this attachment. However, it does serve as an easy option for enhancing your at-home dabbing experience.

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One complaint that many vaping fans have about glass pieces is that they allow water to get into your mouth when you’re using a vaporizer. However, the minds behind the DABADO Bolt Orbit Glass have mastered the art of creating a product that seems to do away with the problem of getting water inside your mouth. Is upgrading to the DABADO Bolt Orbit Glass worth it? This is a great option for anyone who loves their Bolt and plans to keep using it for a long time. The experience that this glass piece brings to the table is definitely noticeably different from what the standard glass piece that comes with Bolt models offers. The DABADO Bolt Orbit Glass earns some serious points when it comes to aesthetics and performance. It is the go-to attachment for anyone looking to upgrade and enhance their daily dabbing experience.

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