A Review of the Best Portable Dry Herb Vaporizer DaVinci IQ

The DaVinci IQ vaporizer is one of the greatest dry herb vaporizers on the market today. The stealthy device does a great job of evenly and effectively vaporizing your herb. Using a vaporizer, you can enjoy all the effects that come with smoking without inhaling any toxic carcinogens. When it comes time to clean your DaVinci IQ, you can do so quickly and easily. The vaporizer is easy to use and the added features make for an enjoyable experience.

DaVinci made a name for themselves when they released their DaVinci Vaporizer back in 2012 and followed it with a series of high-quality vaporizers. The DaVinci IQ is arguably their best product yet, with new features and upgraded components. The IQ uses innovative technology that can interact with your smartphone, allowing you to have total control over your experience. The zirconia ceramic chamber and mouthpieces are designed to provide a smooth air path. Choosing between different heat settings, you can increase or decrease the production rate of vapor.

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How does the DaVinci IQ work?

Dry herb vaporizers aren’t necessarily a new idea, but they are still not used as commonly as you may think. This is because many people do not understand the way that dry herb vaporization works. Before you purchase the DaVinci IQ vaporizer or any vaporizer for that matter, you should know a thing or two about what is taking place inside of the heating chamber. First of all, there are two different types of dry herb vaporizers which are conduction vaporizers and convection vaporizers. Conduction vaporizers such as the DaVinci IQ heat the chamber that your dry herb is placed in. As your herb sits in this hot chamber, it begins to heat up and release vapor. Leaving your herb inside of a conduction vaporizer for too long will not burn it, but it can definitely overcook it. The second type of dry herb vaporizer is a convection vaporizer. Rather than heating a chamber that the herb is in, a convection vaporizer heats air that is distanced from your herb. When the air is hot, you can begin to pull it into your mouth. As you do so, the hot air will pass through the herb, allowing vapor to be released and inhaled. Unlike a lighter which burns your herb at over 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit, conduction and convection vaporizers only reach temperatures of around 300-400 degrees Fahrenheit.

Whats in the box?

When you open up the box to your new DaVinci IQ vaporizer, you will find the following:

• DaVinci IQ Vaporizer
• Extended Mouthpiece
• Water Adapter
• Micro-USB Cable
• Cleaning Brush
• Keychain Packing Tool
• Keychain Herb Holder
• Cleaning wipes

Some of the things included in the box are self-explanatory, but others are not. When you get your vaporizer, you will have a much better overall experience if you know how to use the tools and accessories that come with it. First of all, let’s discuss the water adapter. This adapter essentially allows you to attach your DaVinci IQ to a water bong so that you can take larger, cooler hits. Next, the keychain packing tool is a little tool that you will use to pack dry herb into the heating chamber of your IQ. For proper and even heating, fill the bowl to the top with dry herb, lightly pack it down, and then fill it to the top once again. If you are on the go, the keychain herb holder can come in handy. With this accessory, you can take a bowls worth of dry herb with you inside of this convenient airtight container. When it comes time to clean your vaporizer (which we will discuss more in-depth later on), you might need to grab your cleaning brush and cleaning wipes. The brush will help remove leftover herb from the heating chamber and the wipes will sanitize the area and leave your vaporizer looking new.

Sterilizing the DaVinci IQ

The first time you take your DaVinci IQ out of the box, you need to sterilize it. In doing so, you are getting rid of any oils that may have gotten into the product when it was put together. To do this, you simply turn the device to its highest setting and let it sit. After ten minutes, the IQ will turn off automatically. Turn it back on and repeat this process three times.


Each dry herb vaporizer on the market has its own unique set of features. In a competitive aspect, the IQ blows away most of its opponents. It is simply one of the greatest vaporizers to choose from. The quality of the product and its effectiveness in vaporizing your herb is better than any other vaporizer on the market has delivered. There are many different intriguing features packed in the DaVinci IQ. Now, we are going to discuss a few of them.


The size of the vaporizer is something that most consumers are interested in. This product is rather small, but don’t underestimate the power that it has. Weighing only 145 grams, the DaVinci IQ is 3.54 inches tall, 1.65 inches wide, and .94 inches deep. Being as small as it is, the device is portable and sleek. You can slip it in and out of your pocket easily and use it as you need to. Holding it in your hand, a crowd of people could likely mistake it for a phone or portable charger.


IQ colors - stealth, blue, gunmetal
The DaVinci IQ vaporizer is available in a couple different colors. If you buy the device directly from the DaVinci website, you also have the option to add a personal engraving onto the outside of it. The DaVinci IQ is currently available in four different colors which are blue, stealth, and gunmetal.

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Durable build quality

An important characteristic that vaporizers must have is a durable build quality. As humans, we are prone to dropping things, especially small devices like this. When we drop expensive technology, the last thing we want is for it to become completely destroyed. Thankfully, the makers of the DaVinci IQ had this in mind when they designed their product. The device feels sturdy in the hand and the buttons are all expertly put in place. Overall, it doesn’t look or feel like it is going to fall apart or break very easily.

51 Light grid display

The light grid display is another feature of the DaVinci IQ that is definitely worth noting. On the front of the device, there are 51 small lights which can produce numbers and patterns. The lights will tell you things like the temperature setting, the battery life, and more. Essentially, this nifty feature adds to the elegance and style of the product. It looks cool, but it is also very useful.


One of the most notable features on the DaVinci IQ vaporizer is the mouthpiece. Like most of the other top vaporizers on the market, the IQ has a flat mouthpiece on the top of the device. If you do not prefer this method, you can switch it. The IQ also comes with a raised mouthpiece that looks similar to a straw. Depending on your preference, you can pick and choose which works best for you. Both mouthpiece options are designed from a high-quality ceramic zirconia. This material allows for the users to have a pure taste of the herb that they are vaping.

Zirconia ceramic heating chamber

Speaking of the ceramic zirconia, the heating chamber is made of it too. So, what exactly is it and why is it so good for a vaporizer? Well, a lot of people who vaporize know that it is much easier to taste the herb than it is when you smoke it. Keeping that in mind, a lot of people who vaporize their herb want to be able to taste it. Some vaporizers that use metal or plastic heating chambers give you a bad aftertaste in your mouth. This is unpleasant and can make the overall experience less enjoyable. With the zirconia ceramic heating chamber that is used in the IQ, there is no extra taste. All that you will taste when you inhale is the vapor from the herb that is in your chamber. Essentially it is just a very clean, tasteless material to use. It is also very effective for heat conduction and cools down quickly. DaVinci also released an innovated chamber which they call a flavor chamber. To increase the flavor that you taste, you can use this chamber. Simply pack the chamber with your herb and insert it into the device. The chamber will heat up only to a certain temperature. This temperature allows for the flavor to be released, but not large amounts of vapor. Using this along with packing the bowl will give you a flavorful experience while also giving you the effects you desire.

18650 replaceable battery

The DaVinci IQ is packed with a 18650 rechargeable, replaceable battery. Using the included micro-USB charger cable, you can charge the device to full power in about 3 hours. When it comes to using the product, you can expect to get around an hour and a half of vaping from a full charge. For those who think that they will need more than 90 minutes of vaporization time, then you may want to consider purchasing an extra battery. If you put the first battery in the device and charge it, then you can put your second battery in the device and charge it too. This way, you will have an extra fully-charged battery to use when your device dies.

Temperature control

Precise temperature control is a key feature that comes with the DaVinci IQ. To begin using your device, you will click the power button five times to turn it on. After it is on, you will have the ability to increase or decrease the temperature setting using the up and down buttons on the side of the IQ. On the front of the device, the LED lights will read out the temperature that the device is set to. Once you set it to a certain temperature, the device will begin heating up and the device will display the current temperature that it is at. The device can take you to a precise temperature anywhere between 250 and 430 degrees Fahrenheit. A lot of vaporizers on the market have only three or four set temperatures to choose from, so having the ability to choose exact temperatures sets the DaVinci IQ apart from its competitors.

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Smart technology

An interesting feature only found on the DaVinci IQ vaporizer is the smart path technology. Essentially, this technology was crafted around providing you with unique temperature settings while you vape. Out of the box, the IQ will have four preset smart path settings. The first set is designed for added flavor and features lower temperatures. The second smart path setting is designed to ‘enlighten your conciseness’ by generating heat settings that produce euphoric, alerting effects. The third preset setting is designed for whole body relaxation and euphoria. The final setting called smart path four features higher temperatures which create calming effects that are great for those in need of rest.

Bluetooth capability and smartphone app

If you choose to, you can connect your DaVinci IQ vaporizer to your smartphone using the DaVinci smartphone app. In doing so, you have the ability to customize your session. On your phone, you can change the temperature that the device is set to. You can also create a custom time schedule where the temperature gradually increases over the period of your session. Using the Bluetooth app, you will be able to check the battery life of your DaVinci as well.

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How do you clean the DaVinci IQ?

Cleaning the DaVinci IQ is a necessary part of maintaining your device and keeping it in working condition. With use, the device will get dirty and you will have to clean it. It is best for you to learn the proper cleaning technique for this product so that you can clean it the way it should be done. With that being said, let’s discuss the process of cleaning a DaVinci IQ vaporizer.

Step 1: Remove the mouthpiece and flavor chamber

To begin the cleaning process, you will need to remove the mouthpiece and the flavor chamber. To remove the mouthpiece, simply separate it from the rest of the device using your hand. To remove the flavor chamber, you need to use the metal pick tool that comes with the IQ.

Step 2: Clean the herb chamber

After you have removed the mouthpiece and flavor chamber, you will proceed by emptying the dry herb from the heating chamber and cleaning it out with the included brush. After all of the herb has been removed, you will need to dip a Q-tip in isopropyl alcohol and swab the inside of the bowl, the loading area, and the pearl that packs your herb. Before using your device again, allow the alcohol to dry and run a burn-off cycle. To perform a burn-off cycle, you simply turn the device on its highest temperature while it is empty and let it sit for a couple of minutes.

Step 3: Soak removed pieces in isopropyl alcohol

The mouthpiece and flavor chamber that you removed at the beginning of the cleaning process should be soaked in isopropyl alcohol overnight. Soaking these pieces allows them to be fully cleaned and free of resin. It is important to make sure that you do not use any household cleaners or soap while you clean these parts, as it can damage them.

Step 4: Wipe down the outside

If you really want your DaVinci IQ to look new after you clean it, then you should wipe the outside of it to remove dirt and fingerprints. To do this, you should use the DaVinci cleaning wipe that were included with your vaporizer.

After you are done cleaning your vaporizer, it will hit smoother and it will look better in general. The amount that you should clean your vaporizer will vary depending on how much you use it. If you use your vaporizer every day, you may need to clean it once a week. If you do not use your vaporizer all that often, you may need to give it a deep clean only once a month or so. Typically, you should clean your vaporizer whenever you see gunk building up or when the airflow is restricted more than usual.

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Final Thoughts

To summarize everything that has been said, the DaVinci IQ vaporizer is one-of-a-kind. A lot of consumers have yet to try a dry herb vaporizer, so potential buyers may have a hard time determining exactly how good of a vaporizer this is. With that being said, this vaporizer is a top pick among even the most seasoned vaporizer users. It performs well against any vaporizer out there and does exactly what it is supposed to. The added features discussed in this article are the reason that the DaVinci IQ sets itself apart from competitors. If you are looking for an all-around quality vaporizer that will effectively vaporize your herb, the DaVinci IQ will certainly work for you.

Although this post is sponsored, all opinions are my own.

DaVinci IQ - The Best Portable Dry Herb Vaporizer