A Reviewer’s Guide to Shopping for Portable Vaporizers in 2021

Best handheld vaporizer reviews for 2019
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Vaporizers have never been bigger. Of course, the reality is that vaporizers have also never been smaller. Portable vaporizers are definitely the big thing right now in the world of herbs, waxes and e-liquids.

Are you looking for a vaporizer that offers the rich and satisfying experience you want in a package that is very easy to handle? It may be time to start reading product reviews and doing some research regarding what’s available on the market. The reality is that manufacturers have been hard at work developing sophisticated and user-friendly vaporizers that make it easy to partake in marijuana and other materials.

Whether this is your first time shopping for a vaporizer or you’ve already owned a few, you should definitely approach your search for a new device with fresh eyes. The models that are available today are vastly different than what was on the market last year or just a few months ago. This reality can certainly make your search for the perfect vaping tools difficult when it comes to wading through product descriptions and looking at reviews. What are the main things to focus on as you look at products? Four categories that should stay at the front of your mind are:

  • Usage
  • Portability
  • Battery life
  • Performance

Narrowing Down Your Search

Top Portable Vaporizers in $100-$150 Range

One misconception that many people have when they first start shopping for vaporizers is that they’ll need to make a big upfront investment just to get started. The reality is that it is quite easy and affordable to test the waters when it comes to vaping.

It is so easy to find a high-quality vaporizer that costs less than the average smartphone. There are actually plenty of high-quality vaporizers available in the $100 to $150 range. You should be aware of the fact that vaporizers in this range tend to be quite minimalist. However, this can be a good thing if you’re intimidated by the advanced features on pricier models.

Even the simplest models still offer all the essential features that are responsible for creating rich vapors. The only things you’re likely to find missing from the inexpensive models on the market today are high-tech features, custom options and special aesthetic touches. Many people intentionally choose to start with the cheapest options available when they are purchasing a first vaporizer. Some popular vaporizers in the price range between $100 and $150 include:

  • V2 Pro Series 7 ($129.99)
  • Mig Vapor Matrix ($139.95)
  • G Pen Elite ($149.95)
  • Dipstick Dipper ($149.99)

Best Portable Vaporizers in $150-$200 Range

Shopping in the lowest price category definitely can be a smart strategy if you don’t want to make a big investment before you truly know what you want and don’t want in a vaporizer. However, you also don’t want to make the mistake of settling for less just because you’re looking for the cheapest price.

The good news is that there are many highly acclaimed options that allow you to keep in the middle of the road when it comes to pricing. In fact, you probably won’t even have to pay double or triple the cost of cheaper models just to purchase a vaporizer that can give you a significantly enhanced vaping experience.

You may actually be able to get a significant upgrade simply by paying just $50 more for a slightly advanced model. There are many highly advanced models available in the price range between $150 and $200. Some noteworthy vaporizers in this price range include:

  • DaVinci IQ ($199.00)
  • Kendypens MIVA ($199.55)
  • Arizer Air ($164.99)

Top Portable Vaporizers in Above $200 Range

Sometimes looking at what the top tier has to offer can really pay off when it comes to finding a vaporizer that offers the special touches and features you need to enjoy a robust and satisfying vaping experience. You definitely shouldn’t settle for a vaporizer that lacks the features, quality or specific style points you’re looking for just for the sake of saving a few dollars. In fact, you may find that purchasing a vaporizer that works efficiently and offers a satisfying and robust experience helps you to save money on materials over the course of your lifetime vaping experience.

What are the things that make vaporizers in the higher price category stand out from cheaper options? Pricier vaporizers tend to offer high-tech features and impeccable craftsmanship that are often worth paying just a little bit of extra money for. If vaping is a part of your lifestyle, spending the extra money to get the features you want is definitely a worthy investment. Some models that are worth checking out in the price range above $200 include:

  • Haze V3($249.00)
  • Pax 3 ($274.99)
  • Storz & Bickel Crafty ($279.00)


Handheld Vaporizer Reviews


DaVinci IQ - best portable vaporizer

DaVinci IQ


Price: $199.00
Works with: dry herbs


The DaVinci IQ is definitely worth considering if you’re on the hunt for a portable vaporizer that offers top performance at a price that is still pretty reasonable. The design of this vaporizer is beyond sleek.

The list of innovative features it offers includes a terrific LED interface. The exterior shell of the IQ is made from anodized aluminum. You’ll notice that this vaporizer has a solid and substantial feel in your hands. Something that is really unique about the design of the IQ is that it features Zirconia ceramic. In fact, the airflow and mouthpiece are made of Zirconia ceramic. The beauty behind the decision to include this material is that it extremely dense and resistant to wear. In addition, it can handle temperatures of up to 2,400 degrees Celsius. It also has low thermal conductivity. Why is this material such a perfect choice specially for a vaporizer? It essentially combines the characteristics of ceramic and steel to offer performance that is ideal for creating smooth, flawless vapors.

Every part of the DaVinci IQ has been designed to be unique and fascinating. The body of the vaporizer features three buttons and a charging port. The device’s mouthpiece is situated on the top portion. You’re sure to appreciate the way the mouthpiece opens with just a slight pull. In addition, it has been outfitted with a magnet to ensure a secure close every time. The design of this vaporizer undeniably creates a perfect path for air. In addition, there is actually a hidden flavor chamber that can be used to cool down the vapor and preserve its aroma and strength. Some people actually fill the flavor chamber with dry herb to create a bolder flavor experience.

The bottom portion of the Da Vinci IQ is where its ceramic oven is located. Vapor travels up to the flavor chamber and into the mouthpiece. There is also a replaceable battery located on the vaporizer’s side. You have the option of charging the battery or replacing it. The coolest feature of the DaVinci IQ is that you can access and activate all of its features with or without an accompanying smartphone app. What should you know about the DaVinci IQ before making your decision? This is a solid vaporizer that manages to be durable enough to provide amazing vapors without losing any of its portability.

The DaVinci IQ typically retails for around $274.99. This price puts it near the top of the list in terms of cost in the world of portable vaporizers. The unique features and strong performance of this vaporizer can certainly justify your decision to spend a little extra to get exactly what you want.

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V2 Pro Series 7 - 3 in 1 vaporizer kit

V2 Pro Series 7


Price: $129.99
Works with: wax / oil / herbs


The V2 Pro Series 7 is undoubtedly one of the best multipurpose vaporizers money can buy. Versatility is a big reason why this vaporizer is a good choice. This model’s interchangeable cartridges allow you to use dry herb, oil concentrate or e-liquid. The obvious reason why most people initially consider this model is its portability and compact size. In fact, this model fits right inside your hand so easily. The entire device seems to have been designed to be easy to hold and maneuver. The main button on the body of the vaporizer is perfectly placed to make it easy to operate.

How does this model measure up when it comes to looks? The V2 Pro Series 7 is delightfully understated. This definitely isn’t the option for you if you’re looking for a model with bells and whistles. What you’ll get instead is a sleek design that doesn’t draw a lot of attention. One thing that deserves applause is the way this vaporizer’s design is flawlessly tight.

You won’t find any loose parts or bulky pieces that take away from the body’s sleek aesthetic. The accompanying charging cable also offers the same level of simple beauty as the main device. The simplicity of the design of the V2 Pro Series 7 is matched by how simple it is to use. The cartridges can be filled simply by twisting off the vaporizer’s mouthpiece and unscrewing the cap over the chamber. The next step is to simply fill it with the oil, e-liquid or dry content of your choice. Users can then replace the cap and mouthpiece to get started.

One really smart feature that you’re sure to appreciate is that the device’s battery is designed to be smart enough to automatically select the appropriate amount of power needed when various cartridges are attached. However, the battery life isn’t exactly stellar on this model. This means that it will take some extra vigilance to ensure that it is always properly charged and ready to go. The cartridges inside this vaporizer do need to be manually cleaned. Making the effort to remove small particles is particularly important for maximizing performance.

The final word on the V2 Pro Series 7 is that it is a nearly perfect vaporizer for anyone who is looking for a first vaporizer. The portability, versatility and smooth performance of this model make it an ideal choice for anyone looking for an entry-level model. The V2 Pro Series 7 typically retails for around $129.99. The low price of this vaporizer makes it a serious contender for being one of the best choices on the market today. It is definitely something to consider if you’re looking to get into the vaping world with a low cost of entry.

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PAX 3 -Best dual use vaporizer for loose leaf and concentrates



Price: $274.99
Works with: dry herbs/extracts


The PAX 3 is on practically everyone’s list of best portable vaporizers this year. This vaporizer delivers a lot of power in a remarkably tiny package. You’ll definitely make note of its beautiful craftsmanship and subdued style when you first look at it. The PAX 3 is at its core a total upgrade of the original PAX 2 design. This upgraded design features a deeper oven within a smaller body. In addition, this new design is a full 10 percent lighter than its predecessor. This vaporizer delivers pretty intense flavor in 15 seconds and good vapor quality for a design that uses conduction.

Battery life is a big selling point for this model. It powers an oven 2x the strength of PAX 2 or any similar model available today. The PAX 3 offers a pretty standard temperature range for its size and class. It achieves temperatures between 360 degrees Fahrenheit and 420 degrees Fahrenheit. The speed with which this design heats up is also worth noting. It takes just a 15 seconds for it to reach its full temperature potential and delivers a strong, pure vapor.

The final word on the PAX 3 is that it is the best choice if you’re seeking a vaporizer that’s small, light and easy to handle. This is definitely an option that’s worth checking out if you’re not interested in the frills or tech upgrades that many models on the market today offer. The PAX 3 typically retails for around $274.99. This is a good vaporizer to settle on if you’re looking for strong performance from a model that falls somewhere in the middle on the price spectrum.

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Dipstick Vapes Dipper for wax

Dipstick Vapes Dipper


Price: $149.99
Works with: concentrate


The Dipper by Dipstick Vapes is a next-generation concentrate vaporizer. This multi-functional tool features an instant heat coil and a dual-purpose mouthpiece within its compact, easy-to-use design. This vaporizer is unique among modern vaporizers because of its dual-purpose mouthpiece. This means that users are essentially getting two vaping experiences for the price of one when they decide to upgrade to this cutting-edge, impressive pen. It comes with both a vapor tip atomizer and a quartz crystal atomizer. Both are replaceable and come with spares that are included in the Dipper kit. This pen also comes with a rechargeable battery.

The Dipper comes in three attractive colors. Customers can choose from chrome, charcoal and rose gold when selecting a finish. The body of the pen is long and lean. It is controlled using a small button that is positioned just below the central mouthpiece. The pen comes with three temperatures settings. All three settings can be reached simply by clicking the button on the body of the pen.

This vaporizer can be used with its accompanying vapor tip atomizer to enjoy a dab experience without the need to deal with a rig and torch. In addition, the accompanying quartz crystal atomizer allows a user to load this device like a traditional vape pen. The design ultimately alleviates the need to deal with the hassles that go along with clogs, leaks and other messes that are sometimes created by vape pens. This product comes with a one-year, hassle-free warranty.

The Dipper by Dipstick Vapes ultimately brings power, good vapor quality, long battery life and portability to the table. Its quick action makes it a good option for anyone who hates fussing around and waiting for a vaping experience to begin. This pen currently retails for around $149.99. That’s not a bad deal when you consider that you’re getting a next-generation vaporizer that also performs like two separate vape pens. This product is definitely worth considering if you like to get your hands on the latest and greatest toys. Of course, the fact that it actually lives up to the hype when it comes to performance definitely increases its worth.

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Kandypens Miva portable loose leaf vaporizer

Kandypens MIVA


Price: $199.95
Works with: dry herbs


If you’re looking for a beginner and intermediate vaporizer, the Kandypens MIVA should be at the top of your list. What does this trendy and dependable model offer to someone looking for an incredible vaping experience? This model’s extended mouthpiece is capable of delivering a smooth, crisp vapor every time you use it. This portable herbal vaporizer features such perks as easy-to-use temperature control settings, a convection ceramic chamber and a glass mouthpiece attachment. The heat-up time on the Kandypens MIVA is no joke. This model is ready to go in 10 to 20 seconds. The device’s temperature range is between 300 degrees Fahrenheit and 435 degrees Fahrenheit.

Your first impression upon laying eyes on this device for the first time will likely be that it is deliciously compact. It comes with a shiny plastic shell that gives it a sleek, futuristic look. The interesting design of the KandyPens Miva is definitely worth focusing on for a bit. This vaporizer features both a pre-installed mouthpiece and an extended mouthpiece. Removing the pre-installed mouthpiece is how you access the vaporizer’s heating chamber. You’ll definitely appreciate that the Miva is designed with a fairly simple interface that is intuitive to use.

The face of the device has just three operation buttons. You can do everything you need to do simply using the power button and toggling the temperature up and down. Getting your device to heat up is as simple as pressing the power button five times. The device’s interface will flash while it’s heating up. You’ll know that you’ve reached your desired temperature when the light turns solid blue. It should be noted that the chamber in the Miva is not very big. Whether or not you see this as an advantage or a disadvantage will depend on your personal preference. People who prefer to use small batches of content really like the small chamber offered by this model. This model comes with a charging cable, maintenance kit, cleaning brush and packing tool. It also comes with a lifetime warranty.

The Kandypens MIVA typically retails for around $199.50. While it’s not the last expensive option on the market, it is still substantially more affordable than many other models in the same class. This vaporizer is a great choice if you want to enjoy a vaping experience that is a few levels above what very basic models can provide.

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Storz & Bickel Crafty handheld vaporizer

Storz & Bickel Crafty


Price: $279.00
Works with: dry herbs


The German-made Storz & Bickel Crafty is a vaporizer that you won’t be able to resist taking a second look at. This attention-grabbing design is made with a level of precision that is nearly unmatched in the industry. The careful craftsmanship and attention to detail that have gone into creating this model will be obvious to you from the first moment you hold it in your hand. Some things to note about the design of this vaporizer is that it features an outer case made of a rigid plastic material. Most of the body is vented. The overall design helps to dissipate any generated heat and ensure that the device doesn’t become too hot to hold. The feel of it in your hand can definitely be described as ergonomic. You’ll appreciate having the ability to get a really good grip on the vaporizer in your hand throughout your vaping experience.

The battery in the Storz & Bickel Crafty definitely deserves to be recognized for its forward-thinking design. This vaporizer features a rechargeable battery. You can expect the battery to take around two hours to reach a full charge once it is completely drained. Most users can expect about 45 minutes of uninterrupted use before the battery becomes drained again. This design also has an automatic shutoff feature that kicks in after about a minute of inactivity. This feature helps to preserve battery life. You’ll be alerted to a slight vibration and blinking LED lights when the device is shutting off. One big perk is that you can restore your previous temperature simply by holding the power button down for two seconds. One other neat feature for users is the device’s ability to indicate how much battery power is remaining via a blue blinking light.

This vaporizer definitely delivers something special when it comes to packing the chamber and getting started. The design of the chamber allows you to neatly pack in your content with virtually no spillage. The next step after filling the chamber involves reattaching the top part and mouthpiece before holding down the power button for two seconds. The unit will then turn on and begin heating up. You’ll notice blinking lights and a light vibration as this is happening. It takes about 90 seconds for the unit to indicate that it has reached vaping temperature. You will know that it’s ready to go when you see a green light.

The Storz & Bickel Crafty typically retails for around $280. Many people feel that the device’s strong craftsmanship and substantial build make it worth the price tag. This device is one to choose if you’re serious about having an intense vaping experience.

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Grenco Science G Pen Elite

G Pen Elite


Price: $149.95
Works with: dry herbs


The G Pen Elite is worth checking out if you’re looking for a top portable vaporizer that delivers a solid vaping experience. This ergonomically designed vaporizer offers all the features of models that are much more expensive. It boasts the largest fully ceramic chamber available on the market today. The heating element inside this vaporizer provides fast and even convection vaporization. The G Pen Elite is capable of reaching temperatures between 200 degrees Fahrenheit and 428 degrees Fahrenheit. The lower temperature settings allow users to experiment with vaporization methods and create optimal flavor profiles.

You’ll find new worlds of taste and performance are opened up when you play with the features that are available on this vaporizer. You’ll also be impressed by the speed this model offers. It only takes between 10 and 20 seconds for the G Pen Elite to reach 400 degrees Fahrenheit. This is pretty amazing when you consider that most comparable options on the market today take at least a full minute to reach optimal temperatures. One other thing that really creates an amazing experience for users is that this model features a short vapor path. This means that you can look forward to an overall warmer vapor. This model also features a much larger chamber than most other options out there today. It performs great with varying amounts of content, packing styles and herb types.

The G Pen Elite will actually remember your last setting when you turn it on. The battery life on this handheld vaporizer is also quite impressive. It typically takes between two and three hours for this model to charge fully. While the G Pen Elite is technically categorized as being a convection unit, its actual design makes it more similar to a conduction unit with a small amount of convection taking place. This is a vape pen that should absolutely be considered if you’re looking for an affordable option that offers all the latest perks.

The G Pen Elite typically retails for around $149.95. This price makes it one of the cheapest options available on the market today. The low cost of this vaporizer doesn’t reflect its ability to deliver a satisfying vaping experience. This is definitely a good model to strongly consider if you’re purchasing your first vaping pen or you’re looking for a supplemental pen to use while traveling.

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Arizer Air

Arizer Air


Price: $164.99
Works with: dry herbs


The Arizer Air is one of the best portable vaporizers out there because it truly defies expectations. This might not be a model that leaves you with a sense of awe as soon as you take it out of the box. The reality is that it can actually appear pretty bland when you compare it to the fancier handheld vaporizers that are available on the market today. However, there is no doubt that this design will earn your respect the very first time you use it. In fact, the quality and amount of vapor produced will likely surprise you because it actually compares to what is produced by some desktop vaporizers.

You’re also likely to enjoy that it comes with an alternate mouthpiece that is longer than a standard mouthpiece. This allows you to take deeper and longer pulls without creating air that is too hot. One of the biggest perks of choosing this model is that you’ll be able to enjoy a full hour of usage from a full charge. It’s also designed to allow for pass-through charging. This means you can actually use it while it’s plugged in and charging. There is also an automatic shutoff feature that switches the device off after a period of inactivity.

The Arizer Air is a sleek vaporizer that truly feels as solid in your hands as it looks to your eyes. One feature that you’re sure to like is the device’s ceramic heating element. This element does a really good job of keeping the flavor of your content pure and rich. This vaporizer is essentially foolproof to use. A single button on the front of the device turns on after being held down for a few seconds. You can then toggle the button to choose from five temperature settings. There’s no doubt that the Arizer Air is one of the best portable vaporizers to choose if you’re simply looking for a hassle-free experience that is also remarkably satisfying. You can’t lose with this option if you’re looking for a device that is lightweight enough to be totally portable.

The Arizer Air typically retails for around $164.99. It is hard to resist a model that offers so much potential for such a low cost. You should definitely keep this one on your list if you’re looking for an introductory model that offers a few steps above the essentials.

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Mig Vapor Matrix

Mig Vapor Matrix


Price: $139.95
Works with: dry herbs


The Mig Vapor Matrix is a dry herb vaporizer that’s getting a lot of attention. This is the ideal choice if you’re seeking a genuine flavor experience that blows the competition away. The feature that really makes this model stand apart from the crowd is its unique and advanced temperature options. The surprising thing about this low-cost model is that it actually has temperature capabilities that are far more sophisticated than some of the most expensive options currently on the market. You can look forward to a customizable temperature scale that allows you to set your preferred temperature down to the degree between 300 degrees Fahrenheit and 435 degrees Fahrenheit. This system means you can look forward to always enjoying maximum efficiency when using dry herbs. Of course, the Matrix is also compatible with various concentrates and oils.

Some serious vapor clouds are in your future if you choose the Matrix. This model actually features ceramic chambers that create a clean, even vaping experience that is rare even in pricier models. The inclusion of a wax and oil concentrate attachment only adds value to an already feature-rich device.

The Matrix is sure to impress you with a display screen that offers more than 100 settings. The heating time on the device is a lightning-fast 30 seconds. The sleek design of this model also contributes to its appeal. It is solidly built and stylishly designed. The buttons on the device definitely feel sturdy against your fingers. Users can adjust the flavor with a few simple button clicks. Great usability combined with portability means you’ll never have to fuss to get the vaping experience you want. The battery life of the Matrix can be described as hearty. In fact, you can look forward to up to eight flawless performances following a charge. The unit comes with a USB cable that makes it possible to get a charge just about anywhere.

The Mig Vapor Matrix typically retails for around $139.95. It’s worth considering if you’re looking for a way to enjoy custom settings without committing to a pricier vaporizer just for the sake of enjoying a few high-tech features.

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Haze V3

Haze V3


Price: $249.00
Works with: dry herbs


If you dream of going down in a haze of glory, the Haze V3 is a vaporizer that’s definitely worth checking out. The first thing that makes this design stand out is that it actually features two heating ovens made from stainless steel. This means that it can be used to vaporize both dry herbs and concentrates. You can actually have your choice of using a convection screen, conduction screen, dry herb can or concentrate can when deciding what to put your materials in.

The quality of the Haze V3 is exceptionally high for a handheld vaporizer. All of the compartments on this model shut very tightly. You can definitely have confidence that the main door is locked in place once you get started. One other notable thing about this vaporizer is that it features two different mouthpieces. You can choose to use a glass or stainless steel mouthpiece during your vaping adventures. The Haze also offers four different temperature settings that can be accessed by toggling the button located on the top of the vaporizer. What can you expect in terms of performance? Draw resistance is quite low with this model. This means you can pull a satisfying vape without a lot of effort.

One thing that makes this model especially convenient for users is that it comes with rechargeable batteries. In addition, it offers a battery life of about 90 minutes. One detail that makes it quite tempting to seal the deal is that the Haze V3 actually comes with a 10-year warranty from the manufacturer. It is important to note that the warranty does not cover batteries or glass mouthpieces. The Haze V3 is a terrific option if you’re looking for versatility because its duel-oven design allows you to expand your content options. While its performance isn’t a game changer in the world of vaporizers by any means, users can look forward to a very solid and consistent experience when choosing this model.

The Haze V3 typically retails for around $250. This price puts the Haze V3 right in the middle of the price spectrum. You’ll discover that this is a great choice if you’re looking for an upgrade from a base model.

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Vaporfi Atom dry herb vape

VaporFi Atom


Price: $139.99
Works with: dry herbs


Consistency is the name of the game when it comes to the VaporFi Atom vaporizer. It will definitely be hard to go back to any other vaporizer once you’ve experienced the smooth and consistent vapor created by this great model. You’ll have a hard time finding another option on the market today that packs so much greatness into such a small package. In fact, this slim design can easily fit in your pocket.

What really makes the VaporFi Atom stand apart is a fantastic LED interface that is rather intuitive to interact with. This vaporizer comes with three no-nonsense temperature control settings. You’ll notice that a flashing light indicates temperature ranges using a very clear and simple method. The device is designed to reach 360 degrees Fahrenheit, 410 degrees Fahrenheit and 464 degrees Fahrenheit. Reaching your desired temperature is as easy as pressing down on the fire button and locking in the number you want. The VaporFi Atom vaporizer is also outfitted with motion-sensing technology that allows you to shake your device to determine its current battery level. This isn’t the only battery-related perk you have to look forward to. The device also contains a long-lasting battery with a preservation mode. The device will go into sleep mode when 30 seconds have passed without any use.

One thing that users really appreciate in the VaporFi Atom vaporizer is its comfortable and secure mouthpiece. In fact, the mouthpiece has been designed to be food graded to ensure that you can always look forward to a nontoxic and odorless vapor experience. The great mouthpiece on the device definitely adds to the smooth, hassle-free vibe it has to offer. The VaporFi Atom vaporizer should definitely be considered if you’re looking to get the most bang for your buck. Few vaporizers in this price range can offer such a high-quality, safety-oriented design that lacks nothing in terms of style.

The VaporFi Atom typically retails for around $139.99. This price makes the VaporFi Atom one of the most affordable options available today. You’ll find that the price of this device becomes even more attractive when you weight its slim design and impressive battery life against what some pricier options have to offer.

A Final Word of Finding a Great Portable Vape

Vaporizers have moved from the underground to the mainstream in the past decade. As a result, more and more manufacturers are creating amazing designs that offer exceptional vaping experiences for users at all levels. This is great news if you’re a person looking to fully embrace the vaping lifestyle by purchasing a device that makes it possible to vape casually both inside and outside of your home. Whether you’re an infrequent partaker in the vaping experience or vaporizing is part of your daily lifestyle, it’s important to take time to find a model that works for your needs. The good news is that there are attractive options in a variety of price ranges.

Doing research and weighing the pros and cons of all the options available out there in the marketplace today can help you get a good idea of what you need to feel satisfied. What are the key categories you need to focus on as you investigate the options that are available out there for vaporizers? The big things to take into consideration include:

  • Price
  • Size
  • Ease of use
  • Special features
  • Content capacity
  • Appearance
  • Craftsmanship
  • Brand integrity

The bottom line on finding a vaporizer that’s perfect for you is that you need to make sure the model you settle on fits your personality and preferences. If you plan to vape away from home, make sure the style you choose is something you can feel comfortable about when you take it out in public. You may also want to make sure a vaporizer has a sleek, low-key style if you plan to use it in public frequently.

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